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    Communal laundry system. This was my degree project at MOME University.
My aim was to propose a a future solution to ease communication between the trinity of users, service and machines.This new system can be applied in laundrettes or communal laundry rooms as well. I simplified the interfaces of the machines. The user can upload the program settings to the SmartLock (placed on the laundry bags). This little device saves and stores data. The washers and driers work according to the data collected from the SmartLock.
New features
Users can create their own laundry page at home. They can create washing and drying profiles according to their needs. The user uploads the chosen profile (including cloth type, detergent type, etc.) to the SmartLock of the proper laundry bag. The little device will do all further communications in the laundry room.
The SmartLock sends the payment information to the smart phone. Payment is done with the phone.
Finding the laundry bags
The smartphone can send a sign to the SmartLock which beeps back so the owner could recognize it.