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Apassionata: der Traum - Set Design & Matte Paintings

Set, Props & Costume
Designs and Matte Paintings for the Theatrical Show
"Apassionata: Der Traum"

Support for Blackspace [set design, matte paintings]
Concept: Blackspace []

This is an illustration representing the beginning of a dream sequence
In this illustration we're fully immersed into the dream, as you can see from the abstract forms
This is the design of a cathedral or temple located in outer space
First sketches of the structures
Very rough mood concepts
After making the concept I had to model the temple in 3D because we wanted the elements and the lights to interact with each other
Darker and more ominous concept of the temple
Introductory matte painting of the film. It was supposed to be projected on a 50 m long screen
We fly through the green landscape and the sunset to end up in outer space. You can still recognize the same hills in the background 
Concept design for the beginning of another dream sequence
Three matte paintings of the same environment for a long time lapse 
Another couple of matte paintings for a time lapse
This is a 3D model of the theatre. All the matte paintings and the position of the elements within had to be studied and structured in a way that everything could be projected harmoniously onto the panels
...and scene :)
Apassionata: der Traum - Set Design & Matte Paintings

Apassionata: der Traum - Set Design & Matte Paintings

Gallery of set designs and matte paintings for the theatrical show "Apassionata: der Traum"