VOA - How to get Vietnam Visa for Dutch Citizens?
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    Concerned visitors could find more information at Vietnam visa on arrival fast service – https://greenvisa.io/vietnam-visa-guide/
Apply Online. For a stay of more than 30 in Vietnam, you have to apply for a Vietnam visa before your visit to Vietnam. Employing visa Vietnam on arrival service from our site, you can receive the approval letter (issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department) for Vietnam visa within one working day for regular service or just 2-3 functioning or nonworking hours for rush service. Most Vietnamese travel agencies can assist with the Vietnam Visa on Arrival procedure and several online agencies focus on organizing the necessary documentation.
It means that if you make an application for an acceptance letter online on our site, you can save yourself the time you need to spend to await the procedure of obtaining a visa approval letter in the Vietnam embassy. Authorities have also detained U.S. citizens for posting messages in sites or online chat rooms which are political or critical of the government.
We'd like to inform that Malaysia passport holders don't need Vietnam visa for 30 days. The U.S. Embassy and the Consulate General cannot expedite the replacement of your visa for Vietnam. Application files for a visa: the entrance application (printed form); two 4x6 cm photos; passport and charge for the visa issuance. Besides the requirements Cited in (1), the applicant is advised to submit to the Consulate General a Note Verbal or an official letter from the concerned Division of the Commonwealth Government of Australia or State Government, Foreign Missions and Posts based in Australia.
Speech: The Government of Vietnam maintains strict control on all forms of political language, especially dissent. Get approval letter for selecting up Vietnam tourist visa or Vietnam company visa upon arrival in Vietnam Global airports along with the visa will valid for one month with a single period of entry and exit. But you may apply for a visa on arrival online at this connection: https://booking.greenvisa.io/ to get the acceptance letter that you can utilize for Visa straight at the airport as soon as you arrive.