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    a 4 photo series, Clinical. explores raw feeling of being exposed and breaking.
Cold Water
Clinical series is published, photo series of 4.

I wanted to cut open and drip feel the rawness of issues a lot of people deal with: depression, self harm, and suicidal tendencies or thoughts.

These issues, I hold very close to my heart. Never have I been clinically/medically been labelled as 'depressed'. But I will tell you that I did. And often I fall into dark holes for a few days. I'm very lucky to have a small handful of supportive lovers that help me open my eyes and pull myself out.

Clinical series is something that came naturally to me, concept wise. I didn't see it until I finished shooting, that this series is highlighting these issues.

There's a lot to say about these issues, but the most important thing I want to say, is... if you are feeling this way... Please please pleassssseeee give people a chance to help you. Please try the hardest you can, to do what you can honestly to help you, and the people around you.
For people who know those suffering depression or self-harm, please actively show support (not just say "i'm here for you" - those are just empty promises). Continue, and struggle to show your love and support to this person(s), try the hardest you can to help them, and yourself.

We are all humans. We all need to be treated with love and support.
By helping people, we help ourselves, our community, and largely, our world.

I'm sorry, this is starting to sound like some stupid peace bullshit. But.. Deep down to my core, I find this true.

Hope you guys can enjoy and/or relate to the series.