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Traces - Urban Wallpapers Places
A Poster
put up for an event.
sticked out to the inclemency of the weather
wrinkles and torns.
Then overlapped by another one and another one and another one.
A finger scratches a part of it and the surfaces start to dialog.
A kid writes on the seame poster with his marker and today the sun casts his
ripped edges on this wallpapers story
The mixed posters quantum is not telling just a story but it shows the unconscious
meanings game between urban design and human behaviours.

The pure context taste. A place of communication, a door, valid worldwide but
deeply involved with this specific lieu.
In this way we intend wallpapers places, as relevant urban elements just like
a park bench or a square flooring. Able to interact with people on different levels,
able even to record their exact minimal daystories.
As in some exact spots of the city, condensed,
memories and events so far apart gather.
Events promoted on the posters layers
but also created by the conscious and unconscious actions that mark those surfaces
telling the story of a proper place
marked by or missing the sun,
talking about the story of men and a man,
unaware creator of a spontaneous composition.

2006 - 2010 photo reportage
self initiate project

2009 Strange Things - Infantellina Gallery - Berlin
2010 Humancities festival - Places to Be - Bruxelles
Parvis Saint Gilles - Bruxelles
Via Santa Bona Vecchia - Treviso
Calle dei Botteri - Venezia
Via Feltrina - Feltre
Via Feltrina - Feltre
Jeu de Balle - Bruxelles
Rue Ravensteinstraat - Bruxelles
jemaa el fna - marrakech
Rua de Santa Caterina - Lisboa
Rua de Belem - Lisboa
Rua Luz Soriano - Lisboa
Avenida Dom Carlos I - Lisboa
Ville Nouvelle - Marrakech
Rua Pereira e Sousa - Lisboa
Rua do Campo d Ourique - Lisboa
Avenue Al Mallakh - Marrakech
SS51 - Conegliano
Rua Ferreira Borges - Lisboa
Rue Etienne Marcel - Paris
Traces - Urban Wallpapers Places
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nicolò piana

Traces - Urban Wallpapers Places

Photoreportage on how urban life interact with wallpapers