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10Design -  Zhuhai Jinwan Incubator Offices 
CLIENT: Huafa Group
TYPE: public service, incubator office, commercial amenities
AREA: G.F.A. 55,000 sqm ; site area 36,500 sqm
SERVICE: architecture, master planning, sustainability, CGI
AWARD: international design competition: winner
STATUS: under construction

The 55,000 sqm Research & Development Center is located on a prominent site within the Jinwan Aviation District. It is located in one of the prime locations along the eastern edge of the Jinshan Lake that forms the heart of the district. The buildings will become an incubation platform for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Business incubation is about providing support, resources and networking opportunities for young businesses.

Our proposal for the Industrial Service Center site is designed to be an attractive development that is unique, pragmatic, commercially viable and well integrated on the site. The project is designed to be a socially interactive campus community to serve as an incubation center for new start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Inspired by the concept of a flowing stream, the new campus will provide opportunities for young companies to quench their thirst for success and prosperity. Architecture and landscape will form an integrated, human scale environment and a unique sense of place. A central green amenity will provide convenient access to all occupants and provide a clear connection to a new active and animated waterfront. Shared social spaces will sponsor creativity and interaction. The simple layout of the master plan provides a clear planning diagram reminiscent of the ancient Chinese character for flight. The new Industrial Service Center will be a unique development that is rational in design, commercially flexible, cost effective and a good environment to provide a backdrop for the incubation of new business in the Jinwan Aviation District.

Creating opportunities for interaction, collaboration, and visibility is an important objective of our master plan. This is accomplished thru the creation of a new campus with a green landscaped garden that runs thru the center of the site. This space will become the social heart of the campus and will allow for social interaction. Each of the Incubation Office buildings has a direct face to the social heart of the campus further highlighting visibility to create a sense of community. Rather than create large, center core office buildings, we have created smaller linked modules to allow for greater market flexibility, more natural daylight into the office space and shared atriums to sponsor interaction. Each of the Incubation Office Buildings have been designed as paired blocks with a central at