UNE ÉTOILE DANS MA CABANE, small factory of playful and poetic creations
Branding, visuel identity)
«UNE ÉTOILE DANS MA CABANE», petite fabrique de créations ludiques et poétiques, est une marque d'accessoires et objets de décoration fait-main, en mini-séries ou en pièces uniques pour bébés, enfants, mamans, ou pour toute la famille.

"UNE ÉTOILE DANS MA CABANE, small factory of playful and poetic creations", is the brand of a designer of accessories and objects of decoration fact-hand, in mini-series or in unique pieces for babies, children, moms, or for all the family, distributed on various platforms of on-line sales and retail shops.

The project consists of the realization of the visual identity of the brand, with the convictions that the creations of "UNE ÉTOILE DANS MA CABANE" have each their poetics and convey each their appropriate universe. The main idea was to reproduce literally the brand name in a sober, long-lasting and easily recognizable visual identity.
The pictogram of the logotype was created with the idea that the best logos are those that a child can draw in the sand with his finger. It was to adopt the clearest sign possible in a universe where it would be more agreed to be more illustrative.

The choice of an elegant and geometrical typeface confronted with an handwritten, thin, and by definition delicate second one creates a duality between an adult world of elegance, refinement and stability and the world of childhood, dream, and fragility.
The blocks structure and centered paragraphs confers on the brand a cohesion and a shape of stability. It highlights a sensation of quality and durability, and reflects the care and commitment provided by the designer in each of her creations.

 Handmade manufacturing, which is one of the features of the brand, the perfectionist nature and the full involvement of the designer in her creations are underlined by the manual integration, on the edge of every paper document, of a fluorescent felt line. This colored touch, on this usually forgotten and unused surface, also brings a touch of modernity and dynamism

to learn more about "UNE ÉTOILE DANS MA CABANE": http://une-etoile-dans-ma-cabane.alittlemarket.com
Art Direction, Logotype Design, Branding, Layouts, Photographs:
MADE factory / Alain WENGER