Live 2 Rock • Artwork & Design Collection
L  I  V  E      2     R  O  C  K     •     A  R  T  W  O  R  K     &    D  E  S  I  G  N  S

I Finally have time to post this!  Well as you may know im always working on stuff, either for myself or for a client and i gotta say,   I LOVEEEEE clients like this!!   All the vibe is on point, the flavour behind the brand, the statement of it and most that anything else that rockin' look.

These are all the artworks i have done for them in the last couple of years and i have never been so damned pleased to look at my work in its full glory, rocking like total bosses on so many amazing people, both models or simple rocking persons all over the world.

This brand is all about rock n roll and they are not afraid to show it and thanks to it im able to experience more of this great world of apparel design,  t shirts, hats, beanies you name it, they got it and it rules hard!

All of this was possible to all the crew at Live 2 Rock in Los Angeles, as well to all the models, photographers and people that produce this amazing clothing line.

Huge special thanks to Jason for contacting me and trusting in my work and all his direction in this artworks.