S O M E  C A L L I G R A P H I C  W O R K S

Sometimes it happens that works that have been made not for commercial pupose, somehow lie in the folders for a long time. And usually those works are done for friends, relatives, close people are made as gifts. We all know that the best gifts are given from the heart, and handmade gifts are more precious. Because the energy and time that we spend in the creation, it has a personal and often a hidden meaning.

Created by Vitalina Lopukhina / VikaVita
Calligraphy on canvas for our Philippe:
 Ex-libris, illustration for Mikhail:
2016 – 2017
Calligraphy on paper for Olga and Alexandr:

Some experemental cyrillic forms:
Calligraphy on paper for Marina:

Quote by Lina Kostenko: