ДИПЛОМА // Каравансарај _Нови пејзаж града
DIPLOMA // Caravanserai _Man-made landscape

Архитектонски Факултет Београд  Србија  2016/2017
Мастер теза и мастер завршни рад
студентски пројекти

Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade Serbia  2016/2017
Master thesis and master final project
student projects

The field of research of this master thesis is based on the uncontrolled dismantling of our societies as a whole, and therefore of our homes, through the global movements that are fed by individualism, in increasing proportions. It transcends between virtual and analogue and it is not necessarily where the physical journey begins, but where it ends.

The basic task being set is to examine the integrity and comprehensiveness of individual and collective needs in one space-time context, what fills us as individuals and makes us societies today.
Architecture always appears as an attempt to answer the current problems of the society. Caravanserai as a special typology is set up as a mechanism that occupies and captures the elements of the environment in which it is located and in this way activates the needs of the users of the space.

The spaces must be ready to react instinctively, which entails the need for them to be multifunctional, transformable, adaptive and simple in form to respond to the needs of a modern society.
Adaptation to the newly emerging circumstances in the city, by upgrading the elements that make up the user complex in the event of overloading or decomposing the elements in the reversed situation. 
Conditions such as the shutdown of large industrial plants, more active transit routes, climate change, the use of solid fuels, overcrowding are elements that influence the method of how the new city infrastructure, caravanserai, will be built and exploited in the future.
Poster 1: Situation plan and spatial views
Poster 2: Section A
Poster 3: Axonometric drawing
Poster 4: Plans and spatial views
Poster 5: Section B
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