Honeycomb Collection for Wedgwood
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    Casual Dinnerware for 2011 Wedgwood Waterford Design Competition Top 3 Entry
Design Competition 2011 for Wedgwood
The Honeycomb Collection

The Honeycomb Collection is a casual,contemporary line of dinner ware.
Wedgwood is looking to reach a younger audienceand by adapting to a more casual dining style will help them reach new markets. Casual dinner parties tend to beless centered around the table and dining in the kitchen, on the countertop ,or even in the living area occurs more and the unwieldy plate can be cumbersomewhen walking around.

The concept behind the Honeycomb Collection is to share food with friends and family at the table. The flat plate and bowl edges mate with neighboring dishes to allow easy transfer of one portion into another diner’s dish. As opposed to round dishes, where there is only one small point of contact when they are placed next to each other, the hexagonal format allows one to match up several dishes for easy serving and sharing of small portion dishes.

The collection includes two types of ceramicdishes: the Low Plate and Flange Bowl.
The Low Plate is to be used for various foodsand has a surprising volume despite its small footprint. The accompanyingFlange Bowl has a similar shape but also has a small flange to ease movingaround the dish in a crowded table setting.
Young professionals in urban environments alsoneed to do more with less space and the Honeycomb collection is designed forthe most efficient use of space. When arranged in a grid, the dishes pack intoa space very efficiently. The inspiration for this close hexagonal packingcomes from Bees hives. The open shape also allows the dishes for ease ofstacking and storage and to pack into tight spaces with ease. The inspirationfor this close hexagonal packing comes from Bees nests.
The Honeycomb Collection is a new direction for Wedgwood. It is a contemporary design with emphasis on a simple functional form.