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Royal Caribbean - VR Experience

Royal Caribbean 
Interactive VR

Designed for realtime performance on UE4 x HTC Vive

Check out a little trailer I've created for social media
And here is a 360 version of some of the attractions that were made.
Check it out in Chrome for best experience.​​​​​​​
We also decided to create a few promo posters to better promote the experience .. or rather the experience inside of the experience :)
1 poster a day ... roughly.

Rendered in Substance Painter
Composed in After Effects

WIP shots from Substance Painter

Some assets that I've created and rigged in Maya for use in UE4
We had different types of 360 content inside a VR experience (360 videos from cruise ships, 360 photos of rooms, and etc.)

And for static content we decided to bring in animated tiles to flow from the top and form a 360 sphere around the user.

In total each sphere was made out of 780 individual tiles. Each tile has a unique UV coordinates so that once assembled together it will form a perfect platform for 360 content.

Animated procedurally in Maya, then rigged and transferred that data (including UVs, material IDs and transform properties to UE4)
We pitched it with procedurally animated tiles in Maya
Here's how our R&D process looked like .... well .. apart from trying to figure out how exactly to bring such data to UE4, back in 2017 🤪
Screenshots from UE4
Oh, by the way, this project got featured in Unreal Engine's summer 2017 reel - 😎
And we got a little award for that from "hall of fame awards" in the category of Digital Design Campaign of the year 2017 🙌🏼
Thank you!

and here's your medal! 
Royal Caribbean - VR Experience