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Royal Caribbean - VR Experience // Breakdown
Client: Royal Caribbean
Media: Interactive VR (HTC Vive)

Here is a little trailer I've created for social media

Here a is 360 version of some of the attractions that were made.
Check it out in Chrome for best experience.

Here is a few posters I've created. 
1 poster a day ... roughly.
Rendered in Substance Painter - composed in After Effects.

Some WIP shots from Substance Painter

Here is a quick turntable of a bumper car.

Here is a breakdowns of a models / animations I did in Maya.
Rendered with Arnold. 

780 individual tiles.

Here is a collection of screenshots from UE4

This project was featured in Unreal Engine's summer 2017 reel -

Thank you!

Here is your medal!

Royal Caribbean - VR Experience // Breakdown