Don't Me! You're Not-So-Ordinary Lipstick.
Helped my friend to finish her Thesis for this year, and she decided to go for a Cosmetic item which is a Lipstick, but with a twist. This Lipstick is not your ordinary lipstick to amp up your daily make-up routine, this one is actually a Pepper-Spray for self-defense purpose.

So I made the Brand name and the Packaging for this Kick-ass Lipstick.
Don't Me! Logo.
I actually made 2 variation for the logo, I wanted the floral one to emphasize the femininity side of the product but its not my call and my friend decided to go for the plain one. 

Take note on the Vertical Line in between the texts, that one changes depends on the color/shade of Lipstick.
Don't Me! Packaging.
So above picture is the final packaging for Don't Me Lipstick Collection. The packaging has the basic necessity for a Cosmetic item which are; About the Product, Instruction, Ingredients, and of course the Manufacturing Details.

Even though my friend decided to forgo the Floral logo, I did try to incorporate it in the packaging, which turned out quite great. The floral feature in the box is embossed in a glossy-ish details.