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    Obra participante en la expo Cúbica Cromática track.2
Segunda edición de la expo "Cúbica Cromática" en donde de nueva vez se invitaron a más diseñadores y más ilustradores para participar interviniendo una caja de madera funcional inspirandose en la música.
La canción que yo escogí fue "Strangeness and Charm" de Florence + the machine.

"Hydrogen in our veins it cannot hold us up
My blood is boiling
And the pressure in our bodies
That echoes up above it is exploding"
"Feel it on me love
Feel it on me love
Feel it on me love
Strangeness and charm
See it on me love
See it on me love
See it on me love"
"And atom to atom
Oh can you feel it on me love?
And a pattern to pattern
Oh can you see it on me love?
Atom to atom
Oh what's the matter with me love"
"The static on your arms, it is a catalyst
You're a chemical that burns
There's nothing like this
It's the purest element but it's so volatile
An equation heaven sent
And you'll forever inject"