The Creative Pet Project was born out of a simple idea. The notion that artists use their talents for the good of something they feel strongly about. Looking upon my pet one day, a simple connection was found between a set of illustrations that was being produced and the fact that there was a strong connection there with animals.
Talking one day with a fellow artist it was mentioned that they in fact had a pet also; a cat. The brain started ticking over and thoughts started to connect. Do artists own pets? A strong belief began to form that artists being naturally gifted with a passionate nature, would extend this kind manner to their Earthling companions. So the question was started among fellow artists; "Do you have a pet?" In a majority of cases the answer was naturally 'yes'.
The question was naturally, how could we help in a practical way to help a charity to help fight animal mistreatment? There was the idea; to create a book of images by fellow artists that could raise money to donate to the charity of our choice.
The project started, as previously stated above, as a chat between two artists on Facebook. Since then, some nine months ago, the project has now contacted over 2,000+ artists and has had submissions by 111. This is an indication of the process that was made to get the project into a professional state in order to, not only, attract artists but potential representation.
Original concept
This was the first concept design, based on the repeat pattern of animal shapes, which later was used in a black on white version. At this stage of the development there was an idea to generate a soft approach to the look of the book.
Also, at this stage of the development of the book, the idea was to generate a 80 page self-publish book that was in landscape mode.
This is the original layout concept for the book. Originally the book was intended to be a small self-publish book of 20 artists, but it soon grew to the present state. This meant that the deign had to be rethought.
Like the original cover design a website was constructed to follow the same theme. It was discussed that the design and feel was not so sympathetic to the cause of the book and so a new concept was needed.
Redevelopment process
The original repeat pattern design created for the Creative Pet Project 
The final cover design - what was intended with the new concept was to draw two aspects to the design. Firstly to be neutral in colour to give some emphasis on the contained art (which was of a multitude of styles and techniques), and secondly to have some patterning that would relate to the animal causes that would ultimately be reciprient to the money gathered from the project.
So, to make this work a pattern was born from the creative mind of Rob Snow, that was based on some simple patterns and shapes referenced from Aboriginal drawings of animals. These were minimalised and made more graphic in style and then made into a weave of connected elements, in order to create a repeat pattern of forms and animal shapes.
The tag line for the book was born out of a humorous idea of a play on words.
As the front cover was redesigned, there was need for the website to follow suit. Luckily the main form and structure was OK, and the CSS file was simply manipulated to incorporate the new monochramatic feel.
It was also decide during the development of the book that (as many of the images were both landscape and portrait) that the book should have a square feel to it. This would give ample space for both orientations and allow them the same amount of real estate. Above is a sample spread, showing the right portion is now given over entirery to the image, and the left holds text and artist details.
To help the project along, a series of patterns were created that could be merchandised as prints, t-shirts and other items. The money raised for this part of the project would help fund the elements such as the website, and other aspects that needed small amounts of funds. The full line of items can be seen at the store, on the link at the base of the page.