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    Illustration series for The Crabapple Tree by Robert Coover.
The Crabapple Tree
By Robert Coover

The full story is available here.

"She went ahead and got pregnant, then bled to death during childbirth 
and was buried out by the farmhouse, under a crabapple tree."
"Once, for example, he somehow crawled up onto the barn roof, 
and they had to call the Fire Department to get him down."
"Marleen wanted a doggy, for example, so she put a collar and a leash on Dickie-boy and 
walked him around on his hands and knees with his clothes off and did circus tricks with him."
"Then, one day, when Marleen was dragging him around by his soft ankles, his head broke off."
"A few weeks after Dickie-boy died, my daughter went out to the farm one day and found 
Marleen sitting beside a hole in the ground under the crabapple tree, playing with a pile of bones."
Special thanks to Nagy Laszlo.