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    Complex Simplicity inspired by Rube Goldberg Machines
In an increasingly complicated world, where even seemingly simple activities involve a multitude of time-consuming interactions, we present an updated, contemporary look at the Rube Golberg machine. Famous for being the only man to have had his name transformed into an adjective, Rube Golberg – complicating what is seemingly simple – originates from the man’s cartoon creations of complicated machines designed to complete simple tasks.​​​​​​​

Looking to capture the precarious nature of how an idea manifests into reality, the shoot drew on concepts such as innovation, risk, teamwork and collaboration whilst also providing an underlying counter-commentary on the failure of these endeavours.
Creating a clean and crisp lighting aesthetic across the project allowed for a clarity of detail befitting the complex Rube Goldberg machine. Captured in a pastel palette with a modern treatment, the shoot focused on a selection of machines made by set designer Kyle Bean, using different textures and props to bring intrigue and originality to the idea’s presentation.