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    Necessity of mobile application testing in order to ensure that they run on the main operating system and across multiple networks.
Recently, the explosion of mobile devices across different platforms and operating systems had posed a major challenge for developers to design and release a compatible application. Hence, there becomes a necessity of mobile application testing in order to ensure that they run on the main operating system and across multiple networks.

One of the best ways to ensure excellence in mobile application can be accomplished through test automation. There is an increased need for automated testing of mobile application for improving its efficiency and speed. A well implemented automated strategy can enable the testers and developers to reduce efforts.
Challenges Associated with Automated Mobile Testing
A few challenges faced by automated mobile testing are:

1.    Hardware Challenges

There are restrictions in-
•    Processing speed
•    Memory size of mobile devices
•    Different communication protocols like WAP or HTTP.

2.    Network Challenges

The network challenges comprise of the following-
•    Multiple types of network (GSM/GPRS/Wi-Fi/ Wi-Max)
•    Connectivity performance across varied locations
•    Multiple network operators with custom features

3.    Security Concern

These include:
•    For IOS devices, a few automation testing tools have access to application property that may change the behavior of the device
•    For Android device, a few tools request for automation testing.

4.    Device Challenges

The device challenges include-
•    Diversity in platforms with multiple browser support
•    Variances in interpreting
•    Varied application performance for mobile devices

5.    Mobile Application Types

A mobile app can either be native, hybrid or web and the testing is required for each of these.

•    Native Mobile Apps
These apps are created with the help of native programming language such as iPad or iPhone apps, created with the Android application integrated with Java. Native apps work faster, deliver enhanced user interface and are accessible through all the attributes of a device.

•    Web Apps
These apps are created with the use of CSS3, HTML5, etc., and are accessible via mobile browser. The biggest plus point of a web app is its usage across all devices and platforms. 

•    Hybrid A
This app is created through native and HTML5 technology. In this, developers perform separate coding of the native part for every platform.

QA Engineers
Beyond the above stated challenges of automated mobile testing, some challenges are also imposed by QA engineers to test a mobile application in comparison to evaluating desktop and web application. In comparison to other applications, mobile apps run flawlessly on mobile operating systems and devices. Together with performance and efficiency of the app, the testing strategies considers its hardware configuration and screen size for different handled devices to improvise the effectiveness. 

Address Specific QA Challenge
QA engineers face many challenges while evaluating the quality of a mobile app. The performance and features of the application need to be tested for different devices and operating systems. Some of the automated testing tools allow QA engineers to test without putting any extra time and effort.

Unlike desktop and web applications, QA engineers thoroughly test the mobile app. The testing professional runs a variety of tests to evaluate app’s quality and performance. Along with usability, compatibility, interface and low level resource testing, the QA engineers also have to run operational, security and performance testing.

Summing Up:
The underlying principles of mobile application test automation are different from those followed on behalf of conventional applications. Devices, test tools, test coverage and the variations associated with the supporting factors add to the complexity. Effective test automation of mobile application requires a well-organized approach and strategy.

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