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    Florian is a graduation project at the Type&Typography CPD programme in BHSAD, Moscow. It is a nine style angular wedge serif.
Florian Family
Florian is a text typeface in nine styles including small caps. The project started in January 2010 as a derivation of broad-nib calligraphy practice. The main representative features are asymetrical serifs, open aperture, oldstyle proportions, and low contrast. Smooth curves and acute joints add to the sturdy character of the typeface and increase legibility. Florian works perfectly in long text setting in good printing conditions. Florian Family has three weights and three widths. Pro version is a full-fledged Opentype font with over 610 characters supporting major European languages and a few languages using extended Cyrillic. Its Opentype features provide powerful instruments for editorial design. Florian Basic is a reduced version with small caps and a limited number of Opentype features.

Diploma(Graduation) project at Type&Typography postgraduate course, BHSAD, Russia, Moscow, 2010.

This project is currently under development and is not yet released for public.
Please contact me if you would like to use this typeface for a specific project.