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    This project relied on the use of user centred design research to ensure a simple and easy to use DECT phone for those aged over 75.
The DECT XL project aimed to design an easy to use DECT phone for older users over the age of 75. We started this project at ground zero, with no information and limited access to our target users. 
A team workshop was the fastest way to share some of the extreme needs of older users.
With a short time line of just 6 weeks, and a very small budget to work with, I organised interviews, focus groups, Informance workshops, and interaction analysis coupled with desktop research to influence and shape the product requirements. I was later able to validate our ideas by running expert reviews, which fed into a paper protoyping study with our target users.
After presenting research to the team, we defined user needs, which began to shape the product requirements.
The final design benefited from a variety of user research methods.