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    Guillotees was a small t-shirt company start-up by my friends and I to experiment in the design and production of t-shirt apparel.
Guillotees was a t-shirt company created, and run by, three college students, including myself, as a personal project to experiment in the world of t-shirt design and production. The name is derived from the word “Guillotine,” and at the time of conception was intended to execute our competition, which was another upcoming t-shirt company we decided to part ways with. The entire setup for Guillotees was relatively quick: the name, brand, starting shirt designs, product packaging, and website were all completed and running within two weeks of the initial conception.

Guillotees t-shirt design and production was all home-based; nothing was outsourced. We designed, printed, produced, packaged, and shipped all of our t-shirts from our small apartment-based facility. Thanks to this, I have learned about various t-shirt printing techniques, but mainly heat-press production, as this was what we used; what it takes to design for heat-press production; how to finance and distribute labor costs and profits; and how to develop brand identity and market our brand.