In spring 2017 we introduced a new culture of running to Warsaw.
Celebrating locals, their hoods, their runs, playlists and ways of walking around.
In collaboration with Warsaw based artists we created 4 unique running routes.
They became guides to their hoods, showing around their favourite spots.


Creative Fields: 

Art-Direction / Photography / Web Design / Motion / Digital Media


We took our camera to the streets of Warsaw 
and shot the realness of neighborhoods to tease the campaign.


There is a new culture of running. 
And it ain't your father's running.





Photography: Karol Grygoruk
Creative Director: Battłomiej Walczuk
Art Director: Adam Caban
Motion Designer: Jan Wachowski
Copywriter: Bartosz Grędysa
Account Director: Magdalena Kozanowska
Client Service: Mateusz Ledwig
Client Service: Angelika Sobolewska
Agency: 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT
Producer: Natalia Bugdoł
Production: F25
Makeup: Aleksandra Przyłuska
Stylist: Dorota Magdziarz
Mural Design: Mr. Osom
Mural Painting: Good Looking Studio

Client: Nike Poland
Digital Brand Manager: Jędrzej Andrzejewski
Brand Manager: Monika Coś
Digital Brand Expert: Marcin Niemierko


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Nike Running - Run Your Hood