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Use case (People want to set their diet app preference)

Real world relation: (to make intuitive) 
Weighing Scale 
Height ruler

Login Concept 

The bodybuilder lifting the login box/ Signup box

About app

Weighing Scale increase is proportional to Mans width 
Height ruler increases the man height 
Gender selection in top morph girl to ma

This is just a personal preference on how I want to experience the Amazon, I want it two things.

1. I want customized flow for me using AI 
2. I don't want to move out of the screen while making payment.

Definitely Amazon has their own reason with their current user flow. 

Use case

Tried to put my ideas in Google play store payment using debit/credit card 

Just tried a Circular navigation. 

Experimenting with mobile transitions.

Use case

User want to quick switch to next music in the playlist
Inspired from Realy world object: Gramophone

For past few days, everyone started asking me where you are getting ideas of the app. So I have decided to make the app which gives you an idea.

In world, there are two types of peoples

First type of giving generate idea 
the second type of people execute the idea
So we can have a social idea sharing app which will be beneficial for both of them.

Use case

Mick is a traffic police officer, he has to move dynamically to a different position in his signal area, he needs to get the whole control of the signal in his hand.

Roles Involved:

1. He can do manual signal switching 
2. He can automate the whole process when he in weekend
3. He can get know about the CM Events

Using this app: 

Step 1: 
He slept the Intersection of rounds, number of lanes and road directions 
We can simply slide to change the signal timings 
Step 3: 
We can select the approx traffic in the respective road so that our system will use the artificial intelligence to give the proper signal

Pain point resolved: 
1. He needs to go the special place to change the signal 
2. Automation is pretty difficult

Use case (If people want to travel inside their country we can directly give them the map)

Real world relation: 
Map pointing 
Price fetching/ Climate representation in map 

Circle size represents the how busy the airport is
Just tried a gamified version. Since the animation is fast, do check the attachment for further questions 
Feedback is really appreciated :) 
Software used: Sketch + Principle

I have made the interaction concept, though need to check with user to validate the usability
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© 2024, Copyright Johnyvino.
My process.

My process.