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    Get totally lost in the world Karan Singh created to promote IMAX Melbourne's penchant for providing Epic Escapes.
When Harry wanted to escape, he went to the Room of Requirement. Lucy chose the land within the wardrobe. The Doctor? He resorted to stealing a tardis. And while we humans don't have those things, we do have a form of escape just as magical.

IMAX Cinema Melbourne boasts the world's largest screen (7 metres tall!), astonishing surround sound, specialised theatre geometry and a laser projection system.

To promote the way that Epic Escapes can be achieved just by visiting IMAX, Clear Design commissioned Karan Singh for an animation that captures the full IMAX experience.

Not only was the animated image used across digital channels, on screens in the lobby and during pre-movie cinema advertisements, Karan's work also appeared as a static image pasted across IMAX Cinema Melbourne and the adjoining Melbourne Museum.
Is Karan's illustration taking you somewhere special? Commission him to create a world of your own by contacting us at production@jackywinter.com.