Summer campiagn of zamzam mineral water
As hot season is coming in our target countries, mineral water consumption is increasing.
According to this fact , ZAMZAM is eager to achieve more portion of this market.
Because of limited competitive advantages on this product and customers purposes,
It seams that the best method is using some kind of advertisement that associated with getting good feeling  to the customers.
Usual advertisement is full of stereotypes models, it is necessary to use new illustration to attract customers attention,
It can be possible by using extraordinary but tangible methods of advertisement,
Focus on nature according to the spirit of  product  in addition to present it's advantages like being mineral by using waterfall picture and creating cold and fresh feeling by using springs visions leads customers to buy this brand unconsciously.

Agency: Maat Advertising Agency
Studio Manager: Sajad Abdollahi
Art Director: Omid Seyfi
Creative Idea: Hosein Akbari
Graphic Designer: Hosein Akbari
3D Artist: Hosein Ebrahimi
Motion Designer: Mohsen Mosadegh
Copyrighter: Abes Kholghi
Sketch & Stock
Behind the scenes