Sinnamon is an ordinary bear, a curious bear who likes to venture out into the never ending landscape and discover new things. Sinnamon lives inside a cave deep within the spiritual forest. This cave is no ordinary cave, upon entering through the caves entrance, Sinnamon is brought to a fantasy world safe from harms way, a world where Sinnamon can live in harmony with whatever creatures may live there, and another possible world to be discovered?

During this epic journey to discover the land outside the forest, Sinnamon will encounter many strange creatures and situations.
Sinnamon is just a small bear in a big world.
"Dangerous World"
"Nom Nom Nom"
"Sinnamon Land"
"The Forest"
"Above The Clouds"
"Seeing Pink Elephants"
"Deep Water Giants"
"The Rocker"
"Endangered Species"
"All Hell Breaks Loose"
"Searching For The Mythical Beast"
"Slaying The Dragon"