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    Ionic Breeze 3rd generation design electrostatic air purification
Ionic Breeze​ Aer
Concept, Industrial Design/Development

Objective: Develop a new and progressive appearance for the next evolution of Sharper Image's iconic flagship home & health product line. 

Plan: Create a design that maintains the basic essence of the original product introduced nearly ten years prior, but keeps an evolutionary eye on the appearance and usability of the product. Simple and more intuitive out-of-the-box use is a must.

Concept: Drawing on the "tower" look, combine the ideas of architecture and wind to create a more "artful" sculpture rather than mundane beige box to be hidden away in the corner of a room. Simpler control surfaces and easily visible component access are key features.

Working with ten years of high-voltage electrostatic air purification experience, the SI Design team undertook the challenge to develop an all-new silent air purifier series to exceed the minimum standards set by the industry. ​

​The new design allows for a greater degree of airflow with 180-degree front/rear openings to better allow the unit to take in particulate. A larger internal area around the unit's collector blades also works to improve performance with a far higher CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) than found in previous electrostatic air purifiers.

​Planned: Early 2008

Sharper Image Design​