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    5 animation parts that i made for the Cameri theatre in Tel - Aviv.
"a horse walks into a bar"
The Cameri Theatre Tel-Aviv
Left to right: Dror Keren, Eldad Lidor, Adi Shimrony, Aya Granit Shva, Yossi Yarom, Sariel Keslasi
15.07.2017 | Idit Suslik 

16.07.2017 | Shai Bar-Yaakov 
15.07.2017 | David Rozental 
Based on David Grossman's ("Man Booker" Awarded) Novel "A Horse Walks into a Bar". Dovaleh G's standup comedy performance in a basement in Netanya's industrial zone spirals out of control and takes a spine-chilling turn. 
In front of the audience, which includes two of his childhood friends, he carries out a searing moral stocktaking. The careening rollercoaster shifts rapidly between black humor and vitriolic satire, between loves and betrayals, longing and regrets. In standup comedy - as in life - everything is possible. 
This evening, which is also Dovaleh's birthday and apparently his last performance, he no longer has anything to lose.
Animation on stage: Avishay (Igael Zachs)
Animation on stage: Dovale (Dror Keren) & Avishay (Igael Zachs)
Animation on stage: Avishay (Igael Zachs)
Animation: Sariel Keslasi
Music: Eldad LIdor
Charecter Design: Dovaleh-Avishay
Dovale: "How could you forget?"
Avishay: "I'm Sorry..."
Dovale: "We used to walk  together to the bus stop. "

Avishay: "Aaaa... yes I remember you..."
Dovale: "I thought i invented you."
Avishay: "The busses came and go... and we were  captive in our world."
Avishay: I never offered him, "let's go to the movies...Maybe i'll come to your home.."
Avishay: "If he hadn't been there, they would have abused me.."
Avishay: "In the second day, he suddenly entered the tent. 
He tried to speak to me. Maybe he hoped I'll remember him...
He was right! I forgot him.."
Poster Design
Left to right: Yossi Yarom, Sariel Keslasi, Yigael Sachs,Avner Ben Amos, David Grossman.
Based on the book by David Grossman
Stage adaptation by: Micha Lewensohn, Avner Ben Amos and Dror Keren.
Directed by Door Keren
Inspired by Micha Lewensohn
Stage and Costumes: Svetlana Breger
Animation: Sariel Keslasi
Music: Eldad Lidor
Lighting: Adi Shimroni
Director assist: Nava Levy
Dovale G' - Dror Keren
Avishay Lazar - Igael Zachs
Pitz - Aya Granit Shva
Yoav - Yossi Yarom