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    Collection of 'gone to market' housewares design work.
'Oolu' Salad Knife for Prepara. This knife takes inspiration from Inuit Ulu knives, a multipurpose tool used for various tasks in everyday life. The 'Oolu' can be held three different ways for different chopping tasks. Co-molded Nylon and TPE.
'Pop Savor' storage device for Prepara. Inspired by consumer comments online concerning traditional 'salt pigs'... the need for a quick access storage vessel that was splash- and dust-proof. The clever silicone hood can be 'popped' open and closed with the flick of a finger. Spoon is stored in the rear; choose a spoonful or a pinch! Silicone, glass, stainless steel, Polycarbonate.
'Pop Savor' storage devices for Prepara. Can be used for storing a variety of dry goods.
'Garnish Tray' for Metrokane. A fresh, domestic take on the barkeep's garnish tray. Removable dishes make serving easy; the tongs elegantly curved with the form. ABS, Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel.
'Garnish Tray' for Metrokane: close up of tongs.
'Power Plant' for Prepara. Grow your own herbs indoors in style. The slim footprint and clean aesthetic makes this product perfect for tight but stylish spaces. Plant roots are exposed to an internal aeroponic environment; water is moved through the system with an internal pump. ABS, SAN, propagation foam. 
'Power Plant' for Prepara. This multi-media illustration was put together to communicate the system on the packaging, and includes photographic, solidworks, and vector elements.