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Rumore Magazine Restyling
Tutto è vibrazione.

Design & Thought Restyling
Rumore is a magazine of rock music and alternative music.
Mainly deals with alternative music with record reviews, insights and interviews
with the protagonists of the independent international and Italian music scene.
To a lesser extent it also deals with literature, cinema and comics.​​​​​​​
Rumore — Cover & Details
The Magazine
Make the magazine readable, accessible to a wider target in business optics,
applying Design & Thought Restyling.

The project was born from the encounter of a technical structure and the combination
of languages, such as music and genres, textual content, graphics, typographyillustration and visual arts
Rumore — Sections 
Rumore — Details
Creative Process
The book narrates the creative and technical process of the project.

The book is composed of:
Marketing analysis in business optics  use of graphs and infographics
Readability Study
The use of color in Editorial Design
Search for the Musical Iconography (cover music album, typography and magazine)
Design & Thought Restyling
Grid Design
User Experience 
 hierarchical content structure
Levels of Reading 
— examples & sections
Keep the Attention 
 through the combination of languages
References  Search + Inspiration + People interviewed
Book — Cover, Sections & Details

Matteo Baracco
Thesis Project in Communication, Graphic & Editorial Design
at IAAD (The Italian University for Design) in Turin, Italy  110 with Honors.

Rumore Magazine (
Internal Rapporteur: Vladimir Soto  Professor of Culture and Graphic Design
External Rapporteur: Rossano Lo Mele  Editorial Director of Rumore Magazine

People involved & interviewed
Lorenzo De Palo  Creative Consultant at It's Friday
Vladimir Soto 
 Creative Director at Immaginato 
Rossano Lo Mele  Journalist & Drummer of the Italian Musical Group Perturbazione
Johnny Mastrocinque, Aka Mastafive  DJ, Beatmaker and Italian Rapper

Special thanks

Lorenzo De Palo, Stefano Manzi, Rossano Lo Mele, Vladimir Soto, Rumore Magazine & team, IAAD, all my teachers.

I was named Top Graduated Student 2017 at IAAD (The Italian University for Design).
© Matteo Baracco, luglio 2017. All rights reserved.
Rumore Magazine Restyling

Rumore Magazine Restyling

Rumore Magazine Restyling. Make the magazine readable, accessible to a wider target in business optics, applying Design & Thought Restyling.


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