PETHERO - An Online Mobile App
PETHERO - An Online Mobile App
Saving & Finding Homes for Stray Animals

According to SPCA, there are 6,000 abandoned dogs and 2,500 abandoned cats each year. Only 700 dogs and 1,000 cats find homes, whilst 30% of the dogs and 24% of the cats are euthanised.

In addition, it is known that animal breeding operations are unethical and inhumane, animals are forced to live in an overcrowded and unsanitary condition with no adequate medical care, where there is no socialisation, or even food and water.

Due to these various social issues of pet abandonment and the dark side of pet industry, an online mobile app is created to resolve or improve the current situation in Hong Kong. The solution is to provide a non-profit mobile app with easy navigation, along with instant updates. The objective is to to raise awareness regarding the issue and at the same time, the app encourages adoption and fostering.
The primary objective is to help volunteers, people who desire a pet, owners who lost their pet and owners who are considering in giving away their pet (it is not encouraged)

PETHERO - An Online Mobile App