• Direct mail campaign

    project: Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. 
    Challenge: Creating a direct mail campaign geared towards the creative industry and professionals in marketing that would feature the client's product, The Web-Link, which is a cross platform marketing tool that bridges the gap between direct marketing and digital marketing. The Web-Link has incredible marketing applications, innovative and quick data connection capabilities and data capture applications. By connecting the Web-Link to a “ghost page” on a website, you can precisely track the success of your marketing efforts.
    Solution: Marketing to this industry, which has seen it all, done it all, is not easy. We needed to come up with a campaign that would grab their attention. We decided to go directly to their pain points using a sense of humor and sophisticated design. The design itself is a series of symbols, to represent the frustrations that marketing professionals often feel. Packaged in black, when you open the box it takes you a simple question mark on the inside front cover. We ask, "does your (client's) marketing kick @*&# and take names?"