F I C T I O N A L   P L A N E T   V A D E - M E C U M  /  Hand bound illustrated art book
I have been fascinated by astrology and modern science-fiction for a long time, and therefor, when I was given the task to create an illustrated vade-mecum like art book during my master degree program, I choose to depict fictional planets of my own imagination. From previous experiences, I learned that I like to play around with different textures made with paint. The patterns left of acrylics on different surfaces remember me of peripheral formations like mountains, valleys, volcanoes, rivers or craters. The illustrations are a result of a long experimentation of scanned textures and photo manipulation. I also researched existing and non-existing planet classifications, and used the terms as the base of the classification in the book.
The final aim was to create a book in wich the illustrations make the reader dwell on the many fine details and also are in balanced compositions with the typography. Special thanks to Dániel Bényei for his help with the proper technical translation.
Thank you for watching!
Made at METU Budapest, 2017.