Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking is a 2005 book by Malcolm Gladwell. It presents in popular science format research from psychology and behavioral economics on the adaptive unconscious; mental processes that work rapidly and automatically from relatively little information. It considers both the strengths of the adaptive unconscious, for example in expert judgment, and its pitfalls such as stereotypes.

My illustration for this cover redesign is based off the concept of connections. My goal was to visually communicate the idea that all of our thoughts are related, and to judge situations and form opinions, we connect what we know to what we don't know. The outcome of many of these situations, as shown in the book, depends on whether our instant and subconscious dot connecting works or doesn't.
You can find the word blink within the illustration, if you connect the right dots. 
Alternative Concept Exploration:
When I began this project, I narrowed my ideas down to two sketches -- the connections illustration and another illustration that represented the idea of "thinking about thinking". I was drawn to this idea and it's ability to simplify what this complex book was. I decided I couldn't pick, and ended up pursuing both options further.