Zarez (Comma) is a Croatian journal for cultural and social/political issues, published every second Thursday.  It is a valuable showcase of country's more active young talents, whether they write, draw, design or photograph. For years I've been writing articles on comic books/graphic novels, visual communications and contemporary art, and I've recently been upgraded to cover/illustration editor, so check out some pics I did for last few issues.
issue #334, theme: International Worker's Day
issue #342, theme: Structural & program changes on Croatian public television
issue #343, theme: Debt (in the broadest sense) through ancient history and in modern times
issue #345, theme: The book market, like everything else in Croatia, hosts a bunch of paradoxes. Statistics say that sales of all kinds of books (except school books, probably) rapidly go down each year. But, then again, it can happen that center of Croatia's capital suddenly becomes crowded by queues of literary enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on the latest bestseller! It can only be concluded that queues are rising, and sales are falling.
issue #347, theme: Marxist interpretation of ongoing and tragical Israel vs. Palestine conflict.
issue #352, theme: Conclusions made during a recent meeting of Croatian independent workers’ unions and associations. Understandable only in Croatian, sorry!
issue #354, theme: Death of Hugo Chavez (1954. - 2013.), late president of Venezuela
issue #380, theme: Zarez as illegitimate offspring of Croatian Ministry of Culture - Battleship