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The Country of Change Turkey - Documentary

Work: Animated Graphics, Infographic
Graphic, Infographic: Murat Ağdemir, Mehmet Talha Öner, Murat Çelen
Editing: Mustafa Taşıtman
Institution: TRT1
Project: Istanbul Media Academy
Duration: 3 episodes, 150 min.
Graphic Time: 45 min.

TRT1 Turkish television. The documentary that we have prepared for this channel was broadcast on ATV and TRT TVs. It was not easy to tell a serious political issue to the public. We tried to do this with funny and serious animated graphics. I am now offering this project that I enjoy very much while I am working.
1. Bölüm
2. Bölüm
3. Bölüm
Thank you for your time, with the wish to meet on different exciting projects.