What is Nalanda Global?

Nalanda leads relations between contractors and subcontractors around the globe, guarantees payments, safety in work areas, control access, document management and all kinds of supervision of industrial and strategic sectors such as energy or transportation. 

Nalanda has over 6 headquarters in the world like Australia, Panamá, Chile, Italy, and EEUU and was founded in Spain more than 15 years ago. Since then has been leading the market constantly updating and innovating in digital management solutions and pioneering new services adapting to the new digital era.


During the branding process, we developed a workshop involving all the company into the naming development. It was crucial to take care of the impressions of the team and workers since they have been part of the company for more than 15 years and was a great gesture to involve them.

In the workshop we explained and filled some forms that helped us to determinate the name of the new company and also the positioning and morphology. Also, we created the new brand architecture and renamed services and business areas.

The naming was inspired by the documentary management heritage of the company and a conceptual twist that needed to position the company as a "calmness deliverer" to the day a day work for their clients. 

Creative concept

Nalanda gets her name from the ancient library from Bihar (India) from the Nalanda university where the monks keep the greatest amount of documents related to the Buddhist religion. So we inspired from this heritage to create our symbol of the Buddhist cross that expresses expansions and wellness to all and also the lotus flower that talks about the roots and the connection between the god and the earth to never forget where we came from. Our main color from the brand its orange inspired by the Buddhist Kasaya.


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