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    Colorstopper is a collection of curated retro gradients. Available in CSS and .Sketch format.

Project: Colorstopper.com 🔗
Colorstopper is a curated library of designer gradients. I had the idea to take iconic movies / posters / comics from the 80's and 90's and distill them down to highly detailed gradients. The result was a fun collection that keeps growing. 
Gradients available for download as CSS and .Sketch files.
Use them any way you wish, just try to credit when reasonable. 

Narci <3

PS - More projects at my new homepage: www.narcisocarlos.com

Free Sketch File:  Colorstopper.com 

Get all gradients at: Colorstopper.com 
Thanks for looking!
Colorstopper is lovingly made by this guy