For those who do not agree with the conventional beauty ideals, Sloppy Times creates a playfully ironic clash between the polished world of glamour and the clumsiness of reality.
Sloppy Times - fashion brand concept 
final project of the 1st year Fashion & Branding BA programme at Amsterdam Fashion Institute
the brand book
to be confident is to celebrate the flops
we make the clumsy mundane feel fab
brand's values

realistic glamour:
Out of many faces of glamour, we believe in the one which is easily achievable. 
To put it even clearer: the one you don't put any effort in. 
The one that's a result of not giving a shit.

We spill the beans about the way we understand playfulness:
it's only relatable when it has an awkward vibe to it.


While expectations are high and the reality doesn't get any near them, Sloppy Times responds with irony.

Sloppiness is strongly expressed in the way we approach 
graphic design and imagery, where we make it a point to make mistakes.

We see a fierce look as not the one that allows us to fit the standards but the one that makes us entirely comfortable with who we really are.

For us, confidence it not only about accepting what seems unwanted - it's about celebrating it. What makes us sloppy makes us cool (as long as we own it).
the fashion booklet
the 3D installation