Wantur (2012)
Art Direction, UX, Product Lead


Wantur was meant to be the product re-design for IDThisItem, but fell through due to budget constraints and an early termination of the project by its owners. 

I took on the role of product owner once again, after having learnt much from IDThisItem's flaws and strengths. This pivot included a code rebuild, involving the stripping down of the Rails app into a JSON API, with a backbone.js front-end layer on top.
A quick and dirty UI kit for our front-end developer
The focus for Wantur was simplicity and a sleek user interface that didn't get in the way. This is the landing page
Minimalist sign up page aimed to reduce abandonment from distraction
User on-boarding process step 1
User on-boarding process step 2
User on-boarding process step 3
User on-boarding process step 4
User feed
The discover page - popular and trending requests
Request detail and finds submitted by other users
User profile page
User settings
New "want" (request) that can be submitted from any location on the website
Details of the request are entered here
Highly focused leaderboard 
Reward redemption
Reward requirements
Bookmarklet install page
About the site
Team page