Parm Restaurant Character Illustrations
Parm Character Illustrations
I created this set of characters that I refer to as The Parm Party last year for the well-known NYC-based restaurant group, Major Food Group. The originals were done with lettering enamel and glazes on layers of glass and plexiglass and backing board, framed, and hung on the wall of their new Williamsburg (Brooklyn) location. Sadly, the restaurant closed for repairs before I had a chance to document the pieces properly, and I found myself missing them. So I created these vectorized versions to remind me of my genuine love of them. Each one took me at least 8 hours of sketching, developing their personalities, and then finally taking that 'snapshot' of how I wanted them to be set. 
The final sketches that I used to trace onto the glass (I printed them backwards, as it was reverse glass painting, so that the glass would protect the images themselves). 
The pictures are not uploaded backwards... I was painting on the backside of the glass, so I painted everything backwards.