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    Illustration, graphic, print, abstract
Illustration, graphic, print, abstract.

The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow has provided the world with this astonishing freelance illustrator, Beata Szczecinska the beating heart behind Cityabyss Illustration. What is Cityabyss? Started in 2006 in London, Szczecinska clarifies it to be a “subjective, symbolic vision 
of a world, in which human being feel lost, combined with machine or austere buildings and constructions feels more and more distant from the nature.” Various pieces serve as symbolic construction sites where fashion, photography, design, and architecture, meld into elegant 
dialectics. Neither utopia or distopia, they’re versions of reality where machines seem to take on personalities, seemingly menacing, slightly threatening, informing the world of their presence” 
Gabriel Tamez

As you can see, her work has a hint of glamour and seduction within its photographic quality. We like the mixture of real and drawn elements that have been blended together, a blurring of reality and fantasy that works well with fashion shoots. We think it’s also the stripped back palette
and knowing of when is best to add or take away that gives them their strength".
" Alex Mathers “

“The unknown, strangeness and mysteries of the city incites the imagination. 
Beata Szczecinska aka Cityabyss creates cityscapes that are as alive as its people. 
Her work is a mosaic of industrial areas, skyscrapers, fashion; amplified with vivid dreams and meandering neon abstract elements. This fusion captures the atmosphere of life in the city, as chaotic as it may seem, cities expand and grow from our burning desire to innovate. Her work reminds us that the most confusing, difficult times can turn out to be moments of triumph. Grit and grace is the determining factor for success. Our growth is contingent upon our collective passion and perseverance”.
Alice Zhang "