The Global Peace and Unity Festival is a recurring two-day conference held at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in Royal Victoria Dock, London. It is the largest interfaith and multicultural event of its kind in Europe, having attracted over 125,000 visitors from five continents during the previous event. The conference includes an exhibition, an evening nasheed concert, as well as a series of talks, workshops, seminars and lectures from international speakers and celebrities.

I was part of the management team designated with the task of creating a new and fresh identity for the event; designing all the marketing collateral and promotional material, whilst supporting the Events and Projects team with production and delivery.
The Global Peace & Unity Foundation is based on four core principles: 

1) Diverse 
2) Dynamic
3) Culture
4) Progressive

The tone of the brand needed to communicate these four principles effectively and bring the brand’s personality through whilst being engaging and exciting.

I developed a visual identity that embraces diversity and culture. The typographic identity mainly utilises the idea of fun and flexibility. I used two main elements in the visual language; the primary colour purple, and a set of colourful shapes wandering within the layouts signifying diversity. The use of more lively colours added energy and diversity to the overall design.

Although there is a primary logo/word mark, it isn't static due to its advantage of versatility. There is a system in which each colour from the identity is used according to the format and media it is placed in; creating an interesting and unique design which reflects the overall brand.
All the promotional material needed to correspond with the main graphic theme of the whole event. Not only printed materials and gifts for the attendees and speakers, but also the website, social media content and marketing material. The designs had to be relevant with simple messages for a powerful strategy. We chose specific locations and environments that offer the best reach and engagement.

Social media posts were an important part of keeping the visual identity coherent. I worked with the social media team to create templates using the colours, shapes and fonts from the visual identity. We designed a variety of posts for different types of information, e.g. Workshops & Lectures, Nasheed Concert, Bazaars, Event Sponsors, and for general information.

The Global Peace & Unity Festival is held at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in Royal Victoria Dock, a leading international exhibition and conference centre that caters to a variety of events from award winning exhibitions and conferences to international association meetings, banquets and sporting events. Excel facilitates large amounts of visitors and is situated in a stunning waterfront location in the heart of London’s Royal Docks.