The Step By Step Guide On WP Review & GIANT Bonus
The Step By Step Guide On WP:

The Internet has dozens of subscription options that let you build your website on an online platform for a monthly fee.

But do you know that 95% of all beginners experience trouble and difficulty understanding the technical side of website building? And the problem is most money making online courses ARE NOT designed for beginners. They skip a lot of steps. That’s why most beginners give up, because they can’t figure out how to set up a website.

Even the 5% of students who move forward often become frustrated, or they hire a stranger on Fiverr or Upwork – only to waste thousands of dollars and several weeks for a mediocre or ugly website that doesn’t work correctly. The end result is no website, no results, and no profits.

The Step By Step Guide On WP is the new effective solution for anyone to create your own great looking website from start to finish within 10 easy steps. It is a simple and requires without learning code or paying web designers even if you’re a beginner.

By using this training course, you will find this guide to be an amazing resource with easy steps to help you through the entire process of creating your website.

The Step By Step Guide On WP's Key Features:

I think that you will get interesting with several benefits inside The Step By Step Guide On WP:

• Avoid the frustration of finding reliable freelancers.

• Create a fully functioning, beautiful website you can be proud of.

• Easily overcome WordPress challenges such as comment and trackback spam.

• Save yourself thousands of dollars.

• Eliminate stress, hassle, and wasted time.

• Become skilled, fast – cut your WordPress learning curve in half.

• Maintain and secure your website with confidence.

• Find and install FREE themes for your WordPress website.

• Identify and avoid the most common WordPress pitfalls.

And what make The Step By Step Guide On WP different from the others?

Firstly, this product is ideal for everyone who wants a beautiful website. The requirements of The Step By Step Guide On WP is quite simple that everyone can match up. You just need to have a computer, Internet connection, and web browser. You do not need to have prior WordPress knowledge required and absolutely no coding or programming experience.

Secondly, this Step by Step on WP guide will let you:

• Enhance your website with widgets.

• Take your website to the next level with

• Fine-tune and customize your WordPress theme.

• Quickly and easily install WordPress.

• Create, upload, edit, and organize your video, audio, and images.

• Make an efficient Content Management System (CMS).

• Optimize your WordPress site for search engines.

• Install and create your contact forms.

• Make your website mobile-friendly.

• Choose (and activate) the right WordPress theme for you.

• Integrate social media, networks, and feeds into your website.

• Master the navigation and customization of the WordPress dashboard.

• Create content, blog posts, categories, permalinks, and more.

• Confidently back up, maintain, and secure your WordPress website.

You can use this The Step By Step Guide On WP to avoid the stress and wasted time of searching Google and YouTube for “how to build a website” tutorials.

How Does The Step By Step Guide On WP Work?

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Exclusive Bonuses Of The Step By Step Guide On WP:

Here are three special bonuses from The Step By Step Guide On WP:

Bonus 1 – Lighting Fast Loading Video Course

The speed of your WordPress site is important from your visitors’ point of view, and also Google’s perspective. With some simple steps, you can create your WordPress site load like lightning. These detailed “over the shoulder” style video tutorials leave no stone unturned when it comes to massively increasing speed.

You’ll enjoy the 11 simple yet effective videos in this bonus training course, learning how to: use amazing must have speed test tools (free and paid), optimize your images and homepage for speed. You can benefit from compressing files for faster than ever site loading as well as leverage browsers’ caching to increase speed and much more.

These videos cover what is quite possibly the easiest way to optimize and speed up your WordPress site. Follow these simple steps, and see an immediate improvement in how fast your homepage pops into your visitor’s browser. These awesome videos help you save those two things you can never have enough of time and money.

Bonus 2 - Master The Twenty Sixteen Theme

Working with a modernized theme like Twenty Sixteen is an excellent foundation upon which to build your website. With this free, limited-time bonus, you’ll be able to reduce your learning curve and create a good-looking website quickly.

Inside this straightforward, easy to follow the guide, you’ll discover how to change and improve the look, layout, and structure of your site, make some cool changes to your website’s functionality or enhance your website with widgets, custom navigation menus, and post formats.

The Twenty Sixteen Theme has options for custom colors and attractive default color schemes. It’s a wonderfully responsive WordPress theme you can use for just about any business or purpose.

Bonus 3 – Step By Step Website Checklist

With this bonus, you get step by step checklist that takes away all the guesswork when it comes to building your website. Checklists are a great way to simplify any complicated or overwhelming project into small, easy to manage steps.

Be sure to use this handy 12 Step Checklist to confidently create your new website from start to finish, make sure you’ve completed every important step along the way or keep track of your progress as you get one step closer to an amazing website. You can Print this checklist, and keep it on hand as you go through your new Step by Step Guide on WP.

Final verdict - Your Turn!

To conclude, The Step By Step Guide On WP is designed from a beginner’s perspective. It takes you by the hand, beginning from the ground up with your WordPress website and continuing step by step until it goes live.

This is all of my The Step By Step Guide On WP Reviewand bonus. Hope to see you soon!

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The Step By Step Guide On WP Review & GIANT Bonus

The Step By Step Guide On WP Review & GIANT Bonus

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