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We Believe
With complete freedom in our hands, we got the key of the exhibition space.
In 4 days we built ‘We Believe’.
Each of us has certain views of events around us, ourselves, and others. We think our views actually describe objective facts or reality. We believe our “stories” to be true - as if they’re not opinions or beliefs, but rather TRUTH. Some beliefs certainly are objectively true (e.g., this desk is 30” high). Other beliefs are helpful in getting us through our day-to-day lives effectively. But when it comes to interpersonal relationships and our psychological and emotional realities, TRUTH is a little harder to come by.
With ‘We Believe’ we tried to confront all senses and to be a mirror to the visitors.
Which reality do we believe in?

In collaboration with Eli Capello & Joris Budel
Soundtrack by Jorg
Photography by Maria Dabrowski

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