Creative Portal
Our sales team frequently finds it useful to show potential clients a portfolio of our company's work.
I was tasked with re-designing and rebuilding the portal where the creative team displays their work.

The home page features a "best of the week" design chosen as the highlight of that week's creative juices. Other recent designs are also featured.
Sales can easily search through designs in the search form in the header.
The results are displayed in a similar fashion with informational overlays. This search results page is for the Social Media Marketing area of the portal.
Individual website design pages display the responsive nature of our designs. Each image can be clicked on, and they open up enlarged versions that sales can scroll through. The tags and industries in the top right can be individually searched through as well.
The SEM department thought what we were doing for websites was so good, that they would like to have their own section of the portal as well. We highlight our SEM landing pages and Display Ads in this section. These items are searchable separate from the Web and Social sections of the portal. A nice infographic slider at the bottom of the page helps sales explain how Search Engine Marketing works.
As previously mentioned, Social Media has their own section of the portal as well, along with its own separate search capability.
Individual Social pages look a bit different from the others. They support similar tags and industries as the rest of the sections, but have the unique capability to add as many different ad and post images as are necessary for the example.
Recently, our Email Marketing team also expressed interest in displaying examples of their templates on our portal. I created a section just for them, including an infographic on how email marketing works. The top section of the page is created so the team that develops the email templates can easily access and download the starter kits for each layout.