Atomicdust/Elsevier: MEDai "Sherlock" Trade Show Items
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    The "Sherlock" promotion was a huge success for Elsevier's MEDai Navigator. Elementary, of course!
Atomicdust/Elsevier: MEDai "Sherlock"

One of the first projects of my freelancing career also was one of my most comprehensive -- a great introduction to agency work. 

Science and medical stalwart Elsevier was looking for a fun, full-experience promotion for its MEDai Navigator product, with multiple touchpoints culminating in an upcoming trade show appearance. Divining that the Navigator housed important secrets within its data stores, our team used master detective Sherlock Holmes as our experience theme. The crowning glory would be when roving "Sherlock" characters ambushed trade show attendees with an important mission to take a card with invisible ink and decode the secret message (promotional language) at the Navigator booth. It was a HUGE success, drawing both attendees and competitors to the booth and creating a ton of leads for Elsevier.  

For the project, I helped develop the overall concept, wrote emails, postcards and landing pages, worked with the art department on messaging for the decoder box, developed Sherlock's backstory for the trade show actors and wrote copy for the invisible ink cards. Who knew that years of watching "Scooby-Doo" and other detective shows would benefit my career?

I don't have many final assets from the project, so I'm adding screenshots of my documents here, complete with weird underlines and formatting from GoogleDocs. Womp, womp.

Below: my copy describing our "Sherlock" entry for the b2b TAM Awards explains more about the project. We won silver for trade show promotions and attractions.
Below: messaging that I developed for the trade show cards. One side directed attendees to the booth, while the other side had an "invisible" message that glowed in the black-light contraption we had built.
Below: my copy for instructions and stickers on the black-light "decoder" box.
Below: my copy for the "Sherlock" actors. I developed their backstory, motivation, script and actions.
Below: a photo of the "Sherlock" actors who enticed hundreds of people to decode their cards at the booth.
Below: my copy for the promotion's lead-generating landing page. This was available through links from special emails and postcards.