2016, Taiwan
Team leader : Szu-Wei Civi Cheng

Design Team : Lin, Cheng-Hsuan / Wang, Yung-Ping / Lee, Chang-Ting / / Lin, Chia-Chen / Tu, Yi-Tsen

EASY MIND是來自台灣的咖啡品牌,本次改造首先進行品牌命名調整,新增英文名稱作為主要發展,以口語的方式加強消費者對品牌的印象,並透過字面意義傳遞品牌精神與風格,同時將中文「一粒麥」作為輔助,保留來自聖經的品牌故事。此外,品牌識別部分則透過圓潤的字體搭配綠色傳遞品牌親切與健康、安心的形象,另外也將外帶咖啡杯與品牌名稱結合,希望顧客帶走我們的咖啡是最輕鬆的品味,最簡單的生活。EASY MIND, easy your life.

The coffee brand, EASY MIND, is originated in Taiwan. Aiming to enhance the brand image and spread the spirits as well as the styles of the brand simply by its literal meaning, “easy mind”, the brand is mainly rebuilt with the renaming by adding an English name. We keep the original Chinese name“一粒麥”as a subtitle which implies the brand story from the Bible. Primarily, the new brand identity is designed with the idea of the rounded typeface and the selection of the green color, which is strategically served as a visual device that represents the friendly, healthy, and safe image to customers. Besides, the icon of the takeout cups combines with the brand name. Our goal is to offer an experience for customers to enjoy both the coffee savors and their life easily by taking out our products. EASY MIND, easy your life.