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    Just experimenting with some album art type of design. More to come.
Pack Animals : Photos by me except for the animal faces. All shopped by me. The mix consisted of lots of indie cover songs.
These are some Album cover designs I've done for my mixed tapes. I generally mix one tape (cd) a month and snail mail to some friends. I hand pick the music and then build a cover, some being far more involved than the rest. Some Imagery is appropriated, I also shoot some of it myself. I shop it all and print and cut the covers by hand. They make awesome keepsakes and also let me channel a little bit of my stress into something really cool.
Instagram of cds ready to go.
Bad Dog Beats : Design by me, photo by my mum. This mix was made up entirely of dubstep tunes.
Appropriated Imagery from a LIFE mag, you will see this image in my Retro Collage series as well, previously titled "The Necessary Accessory". This is all freshly squeezed Indie pop. Soooo good.
Design by me, photo by my mum. This mix featured songs that I've loved for a long long time.