Diversity and Us
We are a diverse team. It feeds the quality of our work by having different perspectives, cultures, educations and influences. This is also the reason we base ourselves in betahaus Berlin - a coworking space with the exact same philosophy of collaboration and openness. 

To celebrate our ongoing partnership and fixed exhibition space, and in light of the ongoing political and current affairs messages that we are exposed to, we wanted to share statements that challenge separation and hero acceptance and community. These take inspiration from messages shared at rallies, events and posts across the globe. We also changed the toilet signage to avoid separation and gender definition. 

And lastly, flags are symbols used to represent national identity, community and shared interests. They create unity as well as division. Most flags are routed in similar design structures, where just colour separates the representation. 

The superflag is a symbol for common ground; where boundaries are dissolved, values are shared and diversity is everything.
Diversity and Us